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Today I woke up and not 30 seconds later, knew I was screwed for the day. I woke up with a pounding headache. I get some type of headache almost daily. I have for more years then I can count. In the last 5 or 6 years they have gotten progressively worse.

When I first started to get the bad ones, I figure it was due to my teeth. My teeth were so rotten and bad that there was tremendous amounts of pain. When the pain got bad, I got a headache. After awhile I just assumed one was because of the other.

Then I started to get my teeth fixed. After having 13 pulled, 3 cavities fixed, the periodontal disease under control, and 6 teeth rebuilt … I thought they would have gone away. And for a while, they did get better, and then they got worse.

And with the worse headaches, and no more mouth pain, I started to get the tension. To a point where it hurts to turn my neck, or raise my arm, or clench my fist. And again, one seems to be caused by another. The worse the tension gets, the worse the headache gets, the worse the headache gets, the worse the tension gets. And it’s not always the same one that starts it all.

Today though, like I said, 30 seconds after waking up, I knew I was in trouble today. If I wake up with a headache I know I’m going to have it all day. And it doesn’t matter what I do it isn’t going away. Most times when that happens, it’s just the constant dull roar I have learned to ignore. Other times like today, it hurts to open my eyes and see light, noises ring loudly in my head, a quiet conversation outside sounds like a screaming match in my head.

For the most part I know how to turn that screaming, pounding headache into a dull roar that I can deal with. But when the tension sets in, I know I’m in it for the long haul. Now today, I have been awake for 14 hours. And in that time, I have laid down in the dark with an ice pack on either my forehead or my neck and drifted off to some type of sleep … At least three times. Once before work, once on my break, and once on my lunch.

At least now this day is over and I can go to sleep and hopefully not wake up with it still tomorrow.

Current Music: Drinkin' Me Lonely - Chris Young

Originally published at A Little Loco