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Today we finally got the approval on the apartment. We now officially have a place to move to in 14 days. I felt bad calling the complex and asking for updates, but now that it’s finally good to go, I can begin to breath a little easier. We also set up all of our utilities today so that’s also all taken care of. Now I just need to spend some time tomorrow canceling all my utilities here, setting up mail forwarding, letting some people know the new address and then finish packing. Only have 6 days til our vacation to Disney World!!!

I’m actually starting to get excited about the vacation again. For the past three weeks I haven’t been able to relax enough to get excited or even think about our trip for that matter. Amazing how quickly life can move sometimes. But, in the end it will all be worth it.

Our trip to Orlando will bring back lots of memories for me I’m sure. I haven’t been back there in 9 years now. I’ll get to show Chris the shit holes I lived in, the places I spend my stupid teen years after graduating, take him to my favorite beaches, and introduce him to my family that still lives there. I’ll also get to show him Disney World! I’ve never been to Disneyland but I know there is no comparison between the two. Disney World is so spread out and built up.

I’ve also had the pleasure of spending the day with a headache again. At least for the most part today it was just the dull roar I’ve grown accustom too. But hopefully with some of the stress relieved I’ll be able to shake the headache and not spend my weekend with it. I am however drained of all energy and ambition to do anything with my evening as a result of this two day headache.

On a different note, I have been messing around with Photoshop and Illustrator a lot again lately. The header image on the site here I drew using illustrator. I’m amazed sometimes at the talent I have. Not to sound big headed or full of myself. But I can draw, design, create, just about anything I set my mind too in those two applications. And the more comfortable I get with Illustrator the better the outcome of the designs are. The bridge, Golden Gate, that’s in the header image started as a rough sketch that I was going to make into something more, but just those few symbolic lines looked so cool to me, I left it at that. I can wait to get to a point where I have time again to finish making my site into a store and start trying to sell some of the work I create. Be it logos, websites, or just vector art. Hopefully it will prove to be a lucrative side job.

However, for now, I think it’s time to call it a night and try to get some sleep.

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