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We moved into our new place on Friday … By the end of the day Saturday, we found out that services we were paying for with Comcast did not work. After speaking with four different reps, and getting for different answers, and being transferred back to the call tree a few time, we were to say the least, very pissed off.

We had purchased multiple IPs with them so we could segregate my work computer from our home computer network. However, come to find out after over an hour on the phone with them, that the install technician had installed a modem for us which doesn’t support that. But trying to find someone at Comcast that even understood what Multiple IP addresses was was like pulling teeth in and of itself.

So Sunday Chris went to the Comcast store here in town and exchanged the modem for the correct one that we should have had from the beginning. He got home, plugged it in, set up our network, and away we went.

Then that night we were laying in bed watching tv and realized that we had a really shitty picture. Noticed we were not on an HD channel, so we switched to one. On the screen was displayed a message that you have not subscribed to this service and to call customer service. On our order paperwork it showed all tvs in the house should have HD services.

Once more, we called Comcast and went round and round in circles to find out that the cable box that was installed in the bedroom doesn’t support HD but we are in fact paying for the service. Once again, we had to go to the Comcast store the next day to switch out yet another incorrectly installed device.

However, this isn’t where it ends. Before leaving for the store the following morning, we discovered that the box in the living room doesn’t have the DVR service available, which we also are paying for. Yet another call to Comcast’s horrific customer service later, we find out that the device installed in the living room was the wrong one as well. So now the install tech is 0 for 3, and we had to pay to have services installed.

I am not sure that ever in my life have I had service for three days and been more disappointed with a company. The reps on the phone had no clue what they were talking about, and kept transferring us in circles, the install tech didn’t do a damn thing right, and a manager argued with us that support documentation was available online yet he couldn’t find it anywhere. The whole process was a pain in the ass and no customer should have to go through that, much less a NEW customer that doesn’t have prior experience with the company to base opinions on.

Thankfully the guy in the Comcast store was able to get it all sorted and now we have had 24 hours with the correct services and no problems. Keep out figures crossed. However, I’m sure they will fuck it all up again soon.

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