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New Chapter

So with this move and fresh start on life, I have also decided it was time to do something with my career.  For years I have felt stuck in a rut and not going anywhere quickly, and recently this feeling has only been getting worse.  While most of that is the company I work for, some of that is my own doing.  I took on this job 4 years ago with a “promise” that within 6 months they would be trying to get me into their graphic design team.  That promise ended up being a pipe dream, which is something I realized early on in the job.  So working with this company, has become nothing but a job that pays the bills.  And after awhile, that gets old.

I had every intention on getting out into the job market and putting myself out there to see if anyone took the bait once we got here to San Fran.  There is a lot more opportunity for someone in my field here then there is in Phoenix   However, I never expected an opportunity to come along not even two weeks after moving to the bay area.

The new job I am taking on is still doing customer support, but in a much different capacity, and hopefully much less stressful scenario   However, the company itself is still small and growing by the day.  Right now, their Graphics Design/Web team consists of one person who has very limited knowledge and is always looking for help from coworkers.

So the job I am being hired for may not be in the field I want, but with the company being as small as it is, I will get the opportunity to prove my worth in other areas as everyone is needed to chip in everywhere when needed right now.  This could ultimately lead to something more for me.  But… in the mean time, the change in my role will be good for me.  Hopefully I don’t leave work stressed every day, and I don’t wake up asking one of my dogs to go to work for me every morning.  Besides, I get to have a cool 40 min BART (subway/train) ride to and from work each day.  Talk about an awesome time to spend reading, waking up, unwinding, blogging, whatever.  Its 40 mins each way where I don’t have to think about a damn thing, and I don’t have to worry about other idiot drivers on the road!!

With this job change, this move, this new city, and all the other new experiences that are going to take place, I think its time to close one chapter of life, and open another.  Hopefully with this one comes lots of personal growth, and gain!

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