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Waaaaay Late Update!

So it has been months since I updated this thing.  A lot happening, and not much thought put into this sadly.  Time to change that again.

As I stated last time, along with this move a new job was started.  It took some time to adjust, as with any new job.  But I am amazed at how having a job that you can take pride in changes the stress you experience.  My day to day is pretty basic, sending things to our partners to be verified or helping a customer with a technical issue they are having.  Not having to be on the phone with people all day, and being able to take the time and really think about what it is I am writing or doing is nice.  Instead of going through 4 steps that I know are wrong with the customer just so there is no “um… umm….” until I come up with the 5th idea that is right, I can just think it through, and relay the correct information to the customer.  Yea, both situations you have upset customers, and ones that are vulgar, but not having to listen to them scream that in your hear is a nice relief.  The “take it with a grain of salt” idea is a lot easier when you dont have to respond to the customer instantly like you do while on the phone.

Also the group of people I work with are awesome.  Each have their own unique positives and flaws, but thats what makes us human.  Its been nice to have some social interaction.  For a long time, it’s just been me, or me and Chris, or me and Chris and his family.  Which don’t get me wrong, I love them all…. but its still nice to get out with someone who is not related.  And this group at the office definitely provides some entertainment.  We have “Wine Thursdays” where everyone on the team has a drink.  The starting time of this drinking is somewhere between 2:30 and 4:00 depending on the overall feeling of the day.  Granted, we have gotten away from wine quiet as much as you have people like me on the team that don’t care for the tastes of wine, but it still fun to refer to it as that.  And the reason its done on Thursdays, is because we all have the luxury of working from home on Friday’s.

Let me tell you, working in the office Monday – Thursday’s makes it feel like a real, full time job, but working from home on Friday’s makes it feel like I have a three day weekend every week.  Even though we all average 55+ hours of work a week, the time spent doing it from home is relaxing, done at my own pace, and can be done while doing other stupid things like listening to music, watching a movie for the 50th time, or what have you.  It’s very nice, and also keeps the stress levels down.

That brings me to another point.  At my last job, 15 minutes into my shift, I was counting down the hours time I got done for the day.  40 hours a week seemed like it took all my energy.  This job, not so much.  I get into the office around 9am, and before I know it, it’s 3 in the afternoon already.  Its very nice.

So now that I rambled about work forever, how about the personal life?  I am really liking living in the Bay Area.  It’s a much different atmosphere  and not quiet the one I was expecting.  Everyone here has the attitude “I want it done yesterday”, but that statement is follow up with, “but if you don’t get to it til tomorrow, that’s okay”.

Chris and I’s over all quality of life has greatly improved.  Although, the place we chose to live, neither of us are happy with.  It looks amazing from the outside, and when the place is empty, and they show you the “remodeled” unit, it looks great inside too.  But then you get there, and they show you your unit, it’s only “partially remodeled”, and the actual “remodeled” units are for sale as condos, not for rent (not explained to you until after you signed your lease and paid deposits).  The walls are so thin we can hear our neighbors snore at night, and it constantly sounds like they are bowling or something in their bedrooms all day.  Management is bitchy, and looking for any excuse to charge you a fee for something (ie: $125 fee if your trash can lid isnt fully closed).

Aside from the unit, we are also not able to have pets.  We knew this when moving in, but I don’t think either of us realized how difficult it was going to be not having our pets.  I miss Chey Chey so much.  Having that tub of love around just makes life easier.  I look forward to the end of our lease where we can find a home that we can have her.

Another plus about living here, is a tank of gas lasts me close to a month in my car.  Taking public transit (BART) everywhere is so convenient and cost effective.  Not having to drive in all this traffic, or deal with toll ways and shitty drivers, being able to sit and relax and not think about anything while getting where your going, and not needing to pay the outragous costs of parking in the city is a major plus.

For now, that is the end of my tangents.  Next week Chris and I go back to Wisconsin which has a foot of snow on the ground now, and getting more tonight.  I’m sure that will give me more to rant about :)

Til next time!

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