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Time is just flying past.  I am amazed at the rate in which this year is passing.  I guess the statement “the older you get, the faster it goes” is very true.

Work has been going very well.  I think I’ve finally gotten to a point where I know 99% of the things there are to know for CS at Tapjoy.  Its taken some time, and then with our team loosing two people, it really helped.  We had Han, whom was fired due to poor proformance. He started the same day I did, but loosing him really made no impact on the team, besides it was 6 and now we are down to 5.

Then Krithi let everyone know that she is leaving CS to go to another team.  Which is GREAT for her.  Not so great for the rest of us.  She has been with the company for 4 years, and for a company of this size and age, 4 years is a huge accomplishment, and a lot of time to watch the company change and grow, and be able to learn along with it.  So the down side to hear going to another team, is we loose alot of the knowledge that she has.  Shes been trying to get it out to all of us over the past two weeks, but there is no way its everything.  Guess when things come up, we will just have to figure it out then.  Good thing is she will only be siting 100 feet away from us most of the time.  But with loosing her, that brings our team down to 4, which means even more work for the rest of us.

Harrison, someone that I started with and worked at Citrix with, is going to be joining our team pretty soon.  We few him out here to have an interview with the team.  So he will be joining us as Krithi’s back fill.  I have good faith in his ability’s, but it will still be a bit before he is ramped up and able to help take work load off the rest of us.

So thats the work from.  Home has been entertaining.  Chris and I are slowly looking at all the places we can to see where it is we would want to live when our lease is up.  We went to the north side of Golden Gate.  Like Sausalito, Larkspur, and San Rafael.   I really liked the area, its quiet, calm, mostly a beach community, but with no beach.  And much cooler then the East Bay as its a peninsula on the ocean.  We have also looked at a bunch of places in the City (San Fran) also.  Both of us think it would be kinda neat to live in downtown and just experience that kind of life.

Also, we have recently made a new friend, Jordon.  Even though we only spent a few hours with the kid (and yes, I say kid because hes 9 years younger then me), we seemed to really hit it off.  His sarcastic nature fits in perfectly with Chris and I’s, and we seem to have a lot of the same interests.  The poor guy however, has been having a hell of a time since he moved to the bay area at finding stable housing.  Im not sure the story behind that, but Chris and I have opened up our spare room to the guy.  Both of us felt a good vibe from him, and figured we have all been in the shoes he is in.  I went through it ten years ago, Chris some time before that.  Where you are trying so hard to make a go at life, and to get ahead and become self sufficient   I was unable to do any of that until Kurt and Chris came into my life.  Chris and I both feel that since we are comfortable with this guy, to give him an opportunity that we wish someone had given us.  So he will be moving in on Sunday.  I have opted to work from home Monday, just so that hes not spending his first day alone in our house.  I have a good feeling about this.  And it will be really nice to have a friend.  Would be one of the first new friends I have had in years, that are not co-workers that i dont mind being around.

So I’m pretty sure thats it, nothing else really new or exciting here.  So… Til next time :)

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